The 39th Annual Cap10K: Behind-the-Scenes
Behind-the-scenes look at the Cap10K through the eyes of High Five Events.
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The 39th Annual Cap10K: Behind-the-Scenes

The 39th Annual Cap10K: Behind-the-Scenes

Peel back the curtain on the largest 10K in Texas with High Five Events

By: William Dyson

You registered for the Cap10K several months ago or on Saturday, 4/9, at the Health & Fitness Expo. Running on your own or with a local training group has set you up to have a great race. Race morning comes and all your gear is laid out, your shoes are properly laced, and breakfast is consumed. Restroom breaks are taken and nerves start to set in, or maybe they don’t. Maybe you’re out to have fun during the Cap10K. Either way, you’re about to run with 20,527 of your soon-to-be closest friends. There will be thousands of costumes on course and hundreds of teams running together.

Who knew armadillos could run a 10K?

Who knew an armadillo could run a 10K?

High Five Events worked in partnership with the Austin American-Statesman to produce the 39th Annual Cap10K and the Health & Fitness Expo. What does it take to produce a 10K event in downtown Austin for more than 20,000 runners, joggers, strollers, teams, and walkers? I’m glad you asked.

The lifeblood of an endurance event, any event really, is the volunteers. There were more than 800 volunteers that did everything from packet stuffing and packet pickup, to crowd control and aid station management. Those same volunteers consumed a thousand breakfast tacos and 44 gallons of coffee! Without these individuals the Cap10K would not have gone as smoothly as it did. I came across numerous volunteers who were not only volunteering for the Cap10K, but they were running it as well! Karyn, Bill, and Gordon: I hope y’all had fun Sunday!

Volunteers relaxing in the Volunteer Reception area.

Volunteer Reception area. Thanks volunteers!

In addition to the volunteers, there are individuals whose job encompasses event logistics, sponsorship activation, or production management. These people make your experience the best it can be. From a High Five Events standpoint, we attended more than 100 meetings covering all aspects of the Cap10K, from communications and correspondence, to course layout and participant safety. Special thanks to our good friends TeamLIVESTRONG (lead cyclists) and Leo Manzano (Cap10K Ambassador)!

Roughly 800 hours were dedicated to the production of the Cap10K when you calculate full-time and part-time workers who worked on the event from Wednesday (4/6) through Monday (4/11). That’s 800 hours in six days. Here’s a number for you, many of those people were up (not necessarily fully awake!) and on site at 2 a.m. race morning, six hours before the race began!

TeamLIVESTRONG lined up before the 39th Annual Cap10K.

TeamLIVESTRONG lined up before the start.

Did you think the thousands of human runners, workers, and spectators were alone? There were also millions of Mexican free-tailed bats underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge. They didn’t get to see the action, but I can assure you they felt it!

Throughout the whole event, including the expo and the race, there were 21,000 packets stuffed, 20,000 shirts given out, 300 tables used, and 1100 chairs set out. Vendors, sponsors, and partners came from all over to fill the 67 booths that made the expo as exciting and alive as it felt.

Cap10K start line.

Cap10K start line.

For those of you who don’t like using the metric system, the Cap10K course is equivalent to 6.2 miles. There are many personnel along the route that keep runners safe, construct aid stations, and ensure spectators have a good time. There were 98 law enforcement officers on course to ensure runners and spectators alike remained safe. Big thanks to the Austin Police Department and Chief Art Acevedo. Along the way, 11,000 ft. of fence was used from the start line to finish.

Hydration is crucial, especially in Austin where the combination of heat and humidity can sap even the most experienced and trained runners. Twenty-one Water Monster tanks were strategically placed from start line to finish. Each Water Monster tanks holds 125 gallons of water. Some quick multiplication, carry the one, and that comes out to 2,623 gallons of water used.

Burro Cheese Kitchen setting up at the Finish Line Festival.

Burro Cheese Kitchen getting ready for finishers.

For those of us keeping score at home, burning calories is important. Keeping in mind that each runner is different and burns calories at a different rate, you can calculate that the 20,000+ participants burned approximately 13.6 million calories, if everyone burned around 110 calories per mile. By the time it was all said and done, I took more than 20,000 steps. What about you?

Is social media your thing? Feeling nostalgic and looking for a quick recap of the day’s events? You’ll have to check out the Facebook posts, live Tweets, and Instagram photos from the High Five Events accounts. Do you have some great pictures of your own? Share them with us and we’ll share them with everyone else. Be sure to follow and tag High Five Events!

Planning for the 2017 Cap10K takes place year-round AND is already underway. We look forward to surpassing 2016’s registration totals and celebrating the Cap10K’s 40th Anniversary in style! Won’t you join us and 20,000+ of your closest friends again?


Austin skyline behind the Cap10K Finish Line Festival.



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