High Five Events | Texas Tri Series Standings Updated
After Jack's Generic Triathlon, the Texas Tri Series standings updated.
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Texas Tri Series Standings Updated

Texas Tri Series Standings Updated

Jack’s Generic Tri is complete, TriRock is tomorrow, and we’ll finish with the Kerrville Tri at the end of this month. Then you will have completed the 2016 Texas Tri Series! Hope you’re ready to party.

JGT’s results have been uploaded and the Texas Tri Series results have been updated. *PLEASE NOTE* that CapTexTri is not included in time tracking due to the event’s cancellation and will only be used for participation.

Check your results to ensure that they are accurate. The automated tracking is based off your first name, last name, USAT #, and email. If there are inconsistencies in your registration or volunteer data, then there is a chance your tracking could be incorrect.

Here’s how to check your results:

  1. Check for your name on the Finisher List. If you are on this list you will receive an invitation to the finisher party.
  2. If your name is there, then check that the volunteer credit and/or event times are accurate.
  3. If your name is not there, open the Full Results to see what is missing in your results.
  4. *IMPORTANT* If you have questions, issues, missing results, or need corrections please utilize the contact form on that specific event’s website.


If you are completing the series for time, use the following to check the Overall and Age Group Results:

Team standings can be viewed at Team Rankings.
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