2017 3M Half Marathon Course Preview
Course preview of the 2017 3M Half Marathon. This turn-by-turn overview will prepare expert and novice runners alike for race day.
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2017 3M Half Marathon Course Preview

2017 3M Half Marathon Course Preview

Review both the Course Map and the Elevation Map while reading this preview.

Mile 1 – Runners will depart the start line and head north on Stonelake Blvd. for roughly one mile. The start of the course has one of the few smooth inclines; use this as a time to get your body warmed up and primed to sail downhill. From Stonelake Blvd., runners will turn right and head east on Braker Lane. Now the downhill begins! Mile 2 provides the first aid station. Make a quick pit stop if you need water or nuun.

JJ Pickle Research Campus

Mile 3 – After passing Aid Station #1, runners will turn right off Braker Lane and continue their descent by heading south on Burnet Ave., passing by The University of Texas’ JJ Pickle Research Campus. In less than one mile, Longhorn Rd. will bring about your next right hand turn. Look at that sunrise! This begins the only part of the course that has back-to-back turns. After taking a right on Longhorn Rd., you will have hit Mile 3. The course takes a quick left on Neils Thompson Dr. and then another immediate left on Industrial Terrace. Make another pit stop at Aid Station #2 to refuel. Head south on United Dr. towards Research Blvd. After turning right, runners will make a quick u-turn under Highway 183 and begin heading south on Shoal Creek Blvd.

Mile 5 – Feel the downhill breeze through your hair! Right after Mile 5, you’ll come to Aid Station #3. Make sure you give a big thank you to our volunteers. They’re amazing! Continue south on Shoal Creek Blvd. and make a quick right on Foster Lane. You’ll be on Foster Lane for just a minute before taking a left on Great Northern Blvd. Floating down Great Northern, you can replenish fluids at Aid Station #4. Congrats! You’ve just passed Mile 7 and are more than halfway to the finish.

Great Northern Blvd. (looking north)

Mile 7 – Need an extra boost of energy? Grab some CLIF Bar Shots in the CLIF Bar Energy Zone. Halfway past Mile 7, you’ll take a left on Bullard Dr., passing Gullett Park (on your left). After Bullard, take an immediate White Rock Dr., crossing Shoal Creek. Hopping back on Shoal Creek (you’re still going downhill!) you’ll arrive at Mile 8 and Aid Station #5. Make sure you grab some nuun! Keep running south, with Shoal Creek on your righthand side.

Mile 9 – Right after Mile 9, runners will head east on 45th St. After crossing N. Lamar Blvd., Aid Station #6 appears. Don’t forget to thank the volunteers! This is the second brief incline throughout the entire course. Boom! You just passed Mile 10. Double-digit mileage feels good! Welcome to beautiful Hyde Park; you’ve got a 5K left. Runners will arrive at Duval Rd. and take a right, heading south once more.

Hyde Park.

Mile 11 – You’ve now entered Central Austin and are that much closer to the finish line. All your training, early mornings, and long runs will be put to the test now. Continuing south on Duval St., you’ll arrive at the final aid station. If you need a final gulp or water or nuun to push you through, grab it now! From Duval St., you’ll veer left on San Jacinto Blvd. and wind your way through The University of Texas campus. That’s Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium on your left, home of the Texas Longhorns.  

Mile 13 – You’re in the home stretch. Downhill to downtown is nearly complete! Take a right and head west on MLK Blvd. See the Capitol yet? Hear all the spectators cheering you on through the finish?! You got this! Take a left on Congress Ave. Turn on the jets as you push towards the finish line. The Capitol is in sight, as are your friends and family. Cross the finish, throw your hands in the air, and smile! You’ve just run downhill to downtown! Enjoy the finish line festival. This atmosphere has been created with you in mind! Grab a cold Oskar Blues Beer, visit the food trucks, and snap photos with your medal and the Capitol in the background. Get friends and family in there too. Remember to use #downhilltodowntown17.


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