High Five Events | Half Distance Advice for First-Timers
Half triathlon distance veterans offer post-race recovery advice for athlete's competing in their first half triathlon distance at the Kerrville Triathlon Festival.
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Then What? Triathletes Give Advice on Recovery Post 70.3

Then What? Triathletes Give Advice on Recovery Post 70.3

Taking on your first 70.3 can be intimidating, to say the least. From the numerous laps in the pool, countless miles on the bike, and run after run after run it is all about preparing yourself for the race. With all your preparation have you thought about what to do in the days after your race?

For those who are looking to conquer their first half distance triathlon in Kerrville on September 24th — Well, we’ve got you covered! We checked in with some half distance veterans and here’s what they have to say:

Emily Stevens (Athlete Services Manager, High Five Events, pictured with her earned Buffalo 70.3  Finisher Medal) – “Roll, roll, roll, and marvel at what you’ve accomplished.”

Joey Trimyer (Project Manager, High Five Events) – “1) schedule a massage; 2) keep moving – don’t let soreness set in; 3) vodka is your friend.”

Dan Carroll (co-owner, High Five Events) – “An easy bike ride is a good way to get the soreness out of your legs. But really, relax and enjoy your achievement!”

Paul “Barny” Matthews (Professional triathlete and coach pictured here winning Kansas 70.3) – “Easy swim/bike day after the race then take the second day off. The second-day syndrome is real!”

Brandon Marsh (Coach and retired professional triathlete) – “I usually have athletes follow something similar: 1 day off of the 2 post-race. The other super easy.”

Pablo Gomez Borrero (Professional triathlete) – “Super easy spin and/or swim the next day and listen to the body as far as food and activity choices. Also, lots of water and listen to

So there you have it folks. So grab a foam roller when you get up to get another celebration beer, and maybe a matching glass of nuun, but most importantly tell everyone you can about your journey to the finish! And Kerrville Triathlon Festival Belt Buckle Finisher Medal will make a great conversation piece for years to come — either on display or worn proudly around town!

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