High Five Events | An Athlete's Perspective - Issue 6
Paul "Barny" Matthews, world-class triathlete and coach, provides insight for triathletes on how they can recuperate and stay in shape during the offseason.
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An Athlete’s Perspective – Issue 6

An Athlete’s Perspective – Issue 6

An Athlete’s Perspective is a blog series of event and/or training experiences written firsthand by the athletes themselves. An Athlete’s Perspective is a completely unscripted and raw look into the mind and daily life of an athlete as they prepare for their next race. Readers will discover training regimens, eating tips, gear recommendations, and an uncut perspective into the lives of people like you and me.

Offseason for a Triathlete

By: Paul “Barny” Matthews

Winter is just around the corner and that means colder weather and shorter days, which for at least myself make it harder to get out the door to train! Then you throw in Thanksgiving and Christmas and it could be a recipe for disaster. All that hard work that you put in over the spring and summer could be gone very quickly. But you also need to give your body a rest after all the hard, intense specific work.

Barny at 2017 3M Half Marathon.

Winter is a balancing act of giving your body the rest that it needs but not losing all that fitness that you worked so hard for. Now is the time to dust off those cobwebs on your mountain bike and change it up. Go hit the dirt to spice it up a little. That can also be said for your run. Instead of those mile repeats on the track or your reps on Town Lake, visit the Greenbelt. Run easy but enjoy being outside and running on a different trail. The key is variety. Not only for the body but also the mind. If we do the same thing all the time we get worn down. So winter is time to do something different.

Ride your mountain bike, run the trails, hit the gym a little more but stay fit so when spring/summer rolls around it’s not as hard to get back to that same level of fitness that you had at the end of summer. You’re allowed to have that extra slice of turkey or an extra slice of apple pie but just keep the body ticking over so you’re ready to fly into spring and summer!!

Barny is an Australian native and one of the top triathletes in the world, recently finishing 9th overall at IRONMAN 70.3 Cozumel (4:08:35). In early May, Barny, his wife Hillary, and their energetic daughter, Emerson, showed up to High Five Events HQ for a visit and a Staying Vertical interview. They’ve since welcomed a new addition to their family, baby Fitzhugh. They reside in West Austin and have become an integral part of the Austin endurance community. In addition to his growing family and continued competition, Barny is taking his knowledge and skill set and applying it to the coaching world. Barny’s experience is perfect for an athlete who wants to take on their first triathlon or the seasoned vet looking to advance to the next level. Check out his latest adventures and give him a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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