Austin Triathlon Club
The Austin Triathlon Club's goal is to provide a fun and welcoming home for people who already participate in triathlon and those who are wondering what the sport is all about.
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Austin Triathlon Club

Austin Triathlon Club

By: Daniel Riegel, Austin Triathlon Club President

If you’re like most people in Austin, you probably haven’t heard of Austin Triathlon Club. We are a brand
new community tri club that launched in October 2017. Our goal is to provide a fun and welcoming home
for people who already participate in triathlon or who are wondering what the sport is all about. If you’re signed
up for the Rookie Tri – or even just thinking about it – we want to support you across the finish line!

So what is Austin Tri Club? We are an all-volunteer, community-based club. We draw inspiration from
other community groups, like the Austin Runners Club (of which several of our founding officers are also
members) and the old Austin Triathletes Club, which had more than 1,500 members in the 1990s and
early 2000s. We also draw inspiration from tri clubs across the country. Several of our founding
members found their starts in other large and vibrant community tri clubs— DC Tri Club, the Oklahoma
City Tri Club, the Memphis Tri Club, the LA Tri Club, the Corpus Christi Tri Club, just to name a few.

So why a community triathlon club? A community tri club fills several important roles. First, a
community tri club serves as a welcoming place for beginner triathletes to try out the sport. That’s why
we have a New Triathlete Mentoring Program. As part of the program, new triathletes are paired with
an experienced volunteer mentor. The mentor answers questions, shares tips, and plays a supportive
and encouraging role. Our goal race for the New Triathlete Mentoring Program is The Rookie Triathlon!

Second, a community tri club serves the community. Volunteering is central to the club’s mission. Not
only is our club entirely volunteer-led, but a community tri club gives back by volunteering at local races,
putting on free clinics, and promoting the sport of triathlon as a fun way to improve community health
and fitness.

Third, a community tri club brings people together. We are an independent tri club, purposefully not
affiliated with any specific shop, coach, or team. This way, we can serve as an all-inclusive, “umbrella”
organization. Club members are more than welcome to have a coach and to participate in multiple
teams. To borrow the slogan from our friends at the DC Triathlon Club, we aspire to be “tri-partisan” –
all are welcome!

Fourth and finally, a community tri club is FUN. We are a training and SOCIAL club. Yes, we get together
for workouts, but we also go out for drinks, planning, training weekends, race together, and more. The more
the merrier. We welcome all Austin area triathletes, young and old, veteran and novice, fast or slow!
Thank you for taking the time to read about Austin Tri Club. To learn about the latest club events, check
out our website or follow us on Facebook. We wish you the best of luck on your triathlon journey!

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