Community Involvement
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Community Involvement

High Five Events is dedicated to giving back to our community. Each year we provide equipment, services, and monetary donations to countless non profit organizations that has amounted to over $300,000 in givings.

Is High Five Events a non-profit organization?

High Five Events is not a non profit organization or a charity. All events owned by High Five Events are “for profit.” Our number one goal is to produce high quality, fun, and safe events.


Do you help a charity or cause?

Yes, we do. In fact High Five Events works with many local organizations to help increase cause awareness. We support Bicycle Re-Cycle, Please Be Kind to Cyclists, and Team in Training just to name a few. We hope that through our events that the important issues addressed by these charities can gain more exposure and support. Please take the time to visit their websites to learn more about each one and possibly become an advocate for their cause. We are so happy that our events can be a platform to reach thousands of caring and giving people.


Do you also donate money to charity?

Since our founding in 2006, High Five Events has donated over $100,000 to charity!

There are many ways to help charities raise money and awareness and we work with each of ours to find the way that best suits them. Here are some of the ways that we help:


1) Embedded Giving.  From the moment you register for the event, you have an opportunity to give directly to charity. At a suggested donation of only $2 it is easy to help. Over the years High Five Events participants have overwhelmed our charities with their generosity and kindness.

2) Dedicated Discounts  Each year we work with charities to give them unique codes for registration. The discounted amount at the end of the event is then donated in full to the charity.

3) Charity Registrations  Registrations are given to charity to sell or auction off. The charity keeps 100% of the money raised.

4) Post Race Donation  A set amount is determined in communication with the charity and is then donated at the end of the event. The amount is determined by the level of involvement of the charity.


Is my registration fee tax deductible?

No. Your registration fee is not tax deductible. However, all additional donations during the registration process or bought through the registration from the charity are tax deductible.

What is Austin Gives Miles?

Austin Give Miles serves nonprofit organizations in the Central Texas area through its philanthropic efforts. During the 2016 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon presented by NXP, more than 750 runners dedicated their training miles to one of the 25 official nonprofit organizations and raised more than $260,000. Couple that with The Moody Foundation’s generous offer to match the funds raised for each charity, up to $10,000, and the grand total exceeded $440,000.

The official charity chaser program will return for the 2017 race with a yet-to-be-announced legendary and well-known Austin runner. This runner will raise awareness for the Austin Gives Miles program by starting in last place and raising money for every runner they pass.

2016 was a record-breaking year, but 2017 promises to be even bigger! Austin Gives Miles provides runners the opportunity to make their miles meaningful for the Central Texas charities we all care about and we anticipate that the program’s fourth year will bring the overall total raised to more than $1 million.

Are you thinking to yourself: “Wait a minute…I work for an awesome charity! How can we be a part of this?”

Easy, because we love working with charities. Please email us at with a short description of what your charity is all about. Please include how you see High Five Events working with your charity. We will help all that we can but please understand if all spots are taken for a particular race or time of year- we are always willing to look at other races and other years!

Looking for a donation? Please email

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