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Here at High Five Events we can help with all levels of the event production process. Whether it is a corporate event for 50 or a sporting event for 50,000 we have the team and experience to make your event a success.

Sporting Events

Corporate Events


Event Planning & Management

Events are much more complex than what is presented on event day. Planning and coordination of services takes place far in advance. We can help you make the best plan and implement all the pieces.

Venue Design & Site Build

You know where you want it, but how can you make it happen? We help you with population flow, branding maximization, and structure logistics. Then we can build it all to your dream’s content.

Venue Section & Conceptualization

Have a great idea for an event but not sure where to have it or how to get people there? We can help you find a location that is sure to make your event a success.

Operations & Logistics

We will develop a strategy to optimize the process of producing the event. Getting everything from point A to point B and back to A or even C is our specialty.

Booking & Talent Buying

Bands ✓

Celebrities ✓

Political Figures ✓

Models ✓

More Bands (it is Austin after all) ✓

Vendor Sourcing & Management

From Expos to concerts and fundraisers we can help you find the right vendors for your event. From companies in the same field, local companies, the newest trend, food vendors, alcoholic drinks, or message – We can find it all!

Merchandising & Concessions

Merchandising can be very lucrative for an event and help lead to success year after year. Making your product the center of attention makes people want to support it and buy more.

Creative Services

From brainstorming to image and ad design, we will make your event unique.

Traditional Marketing & Media Planning

Take care of your basics. Make sure your event is advertised in outlets that reach your target demographic. From print materials, TV, and radio we can help cover it all.

Interactive Marketing & Digital Programs

Keep the conversation open with your customer with interactive marketing techniques. Through social media, email marketing and search results your company can see a huge boost in acquiring new customers as well as capturing returning customers.

Sponsorship Sales & Services

Sponsors are available for every event and we can help you find them. Sponsors can contribute to an event in many ways: financially,  with publicity, in-kind product donations, and event attendance.

Volunteer Management

Putting on a large event means having a lot of hands on deck. We can help with the volunteer plan, recruitment process, and management of any number needed- from 4 to 4000.

Budget Planning & Oversight

A golden peacock and 7 tier fountain of champagne would be cool, but that would take up 50% of your budget.

We can help you plan costs for security, road closures, signage, staffing, volunteers, provisions, etc.

Permits & Insurance

Don’t get caught in this situation


Security & Safety Planning

Safe Events are Fun Events!

Make sure you have the correct amount of police, EMT, and other health services at your event.

We have been working the best in security services for years and can make sure your event site is secure, even for overnight events!

Transportation Planning & Execution

Get everyone where they need to be on time. We have experience shuttling thousands of people for events.

Accommodations & Guest Services

From private houses to hotel blocks we can help you get your required space for those needing accommodations.

Special requests? No problem!

Accessibility (ADA) Planning & Programs

Make sure your event is up to code and that everyone can get you your event safely.

Public Relations & Publicity

Get into the right channels and keep a positive image for your event. From press releases to meet and greets.

Ticketing & Credentials

We can help control special event access with everything from VIP, media credentials, vendors, official badges, hang tags, etc.

Know who is at your event and why.

Hospitality for Special Guests & VIPs

Treat your special guests right with extra hospitality services. We can provide everything from special workout equipment, food, rooms, and more.

Children's Programming

Organized children’s programming is important for keeping the little ones safe and entertained.

Non Profit Partnership

Pairing with a non-profit is a great way for your event to give back and help the community. Finding the right non-profit to work with is important and leads to better success for all parties when the event demographic and non-profit goals are a good match.

Liaison Services for Municipal, Civic & Special Interest Groups

Do you know Patty?

We do and we can get you in a meeting with her on Tuesday.